Residents of the Town of Vermont may vote on election days at Town Hall between the hours of 7 am and 8pm. Town Hall is located at: 4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515.

Voting via Absentee Ballot

Eligible voters may also vote via absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, email the Town Clerk at Clerk@townofvermont.com or send a written request to: Town Clerk, Vermont Town Hall, 4017 County Road JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515.

In your written or emailed request, you must include your name, the address you are registered to vote under, the address to which you would like the absentee ballot sent, and as of this year, you must also include a photo copy of a photo ID.

Not Yet Registered to vote? 

You can start the registration process online at My Vote WI or you can register in-person at the Town Hall with the Town Clerk. You can also register on Election day at Town Hall.

Click here to download a voter registration form.

Please note that all voters must submit proof of residence with their voter registration.


Town of Vermont Election Inspectors 2016-2017

Jan Cowan

Patricia Rue

Kay Butcher

Bernice Mason

Char Meier

Doug Meier

John Szalkowski

Sandie Stanfield

Kris Antonie

Susan Schaub

Sharon Gaskill

James Thuesen