Plan Commission

The Plan Commission consists of 7 members, at least 3 of whom are citizens who are not Town officials. At least 2 of the members serve on both the Plan Commission and the Town Board. The Town Chairman appoints all members of the Plan Commission at the June Town Board meeting.

Plan Commission terms are 3 years in length. The Plan Commission elects a Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Plan Commission secretary may or may not be a member of the Plan Commission.

The main functions of the Plan Commission are to maintain a comprehensive Land Use Plan and to provide reports and recommendations to the Town Board related to planning and development

For additional information on the Plan Commission, refer to Ordinance 1.05.

Position Name Home Phone
Plan Commission Chair Doug Meier 608-767-8860
Plan Commission Secretary Karen Carlock 608-767-2069
Plan Commission Vice Chair Jim Elleson  608-767-3553
Member Scott Moe  608-767-4738
Member John Hallick  608-767-2225
Member Katie MacDonald  608-438-4253
Member Dean Bossenbroek  608-669-1728
Member Mary George 608-576-0905