Driveway & Farm Road

Driveway Construction & Improvement

The Town of Vermont driveway ordinance is one that nearly every property owner will need to reference at some point in time. Prior to establishing, constructing, improving, modifying or reworking a driveway or field road that changes the existing topography of the land, a driveway permit must be obtained.

The type of driveway permit required is dependent upon the exact work being completed and could be either a driveway construction permit, a driveway improvement permit or a permit reinstatement.

Any work performed under either a driveway improvement permit or a driveway construction permit must adhere to the requirements of the current driveway ordinance.


Minor Maintenance

Minor maintenance does not require a permit. Minor maintenance is defined as any work that does not require excavation and that disturbs less than 500 square feet of land area outside the existing roadway. Minor maintenance includes:

  • Grading
  • Resurfacing by adding gravel
  • Sealcoating
  • Adding blacktop or concrete without otherwise changing the existing roadway
  • Limited ditch cleaning that disturbs less than 500 square feet of land area outside the existing roadway


Permit Expiration

Driveway permits expire three (3) years from the date that they are signed by the Town Chair.


Reference Documents

  • Click here to download the Land Use Intent Form.
  • Please also use the application checklist so that your form is submitted correctly the first time.

Please Note: You may, at any time throughout the zoning change process, contact the Town of Vermont Plan Commission Secretary at for information or guidance.