Town of Vermont Updates

  • Join in on the fun at the Vermont Community Event! The event will be held on Sunday,¬†October 15th from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Vermont Town Hall.
  • A resident recently noticed that trees far off the road on her private property had been marked with a red X. Please email clerk@townofvermont.com if you notice this occurring on your property. It has not yet been determined who may have done this or for what purpose.
  • A Citizen Action Committee has been formed by Vermont residents concerned about the proposed ATC Transmission Line. Click here to learn about the transmission line project, the efforts of the citizen committee and how to join. Click here if you are a resident or property owner in the Town of Vermont and want to sign the online Letter of Support.Click here to sign the online letter of support¬†if you are a non-resident of the Town of Vermont.